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Let me tell you why Muni Coffee Co. is truly more than a coffee shop…READ ON! 🙂

Philippine coffee

Coffee enthusiasts would know that countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, are among the top coffee producing countries. Sadly, you would hardly hear about coffee from the Philippines, at least the high quality Arabicas. Not many know that in the 1800’s the Philippine is the 2nd largest exporter of coffees in the world. Unfortunately, due to infestation that occurred, farmers have switched to other crops.

The good news is that the coffee sector recognises the potential of Philippine coffeealbeit the many challenges that the farmers still face, they are pressing forward to improving quality and increasing production sustainably. There are many organisations today that are working with farmers to help them improve farming methods and remove the middlemen, so farmers can become entrepreneurs themselves so they can earn a premium price for their coffees. We are privileged to work with the Philippine Coffee Alliance and directly with the farmers themselves so we can truly understand the challenges and the support that is needed on ground.

New coffee origins

I remember when we started this journey in 2013, Ms. Vie of the Philippine Coffee Alliance told us that, “to promote Philippine specialty coffees is like throwing a small pebble in the ocean that may seem small, yet creates a ripple effect.” And yes we have pressed on since then and to promote a new coffee origin is not easy, but it’s what we are really excited about. 

The reason why we called ourselves a company is because we are truly more than a coffee shop. While we are passionate to serve our future customers the best cup and bring a unique experience to Londoners, we are motivated each day to make a change in our own way and that is through serving coffees. How awesome to think that through that we are also contributing to the other side of the globe. What moves us is our friendship with farmers like Kuya Norman who is as excited as we are to share his story to an international market.

Through Kickstarter we will not only set up a coffee shop in London, but it will also be a platform for us to share the stories of the communities that source our coffees. By doing so this enables us to bring back interest of UK coffee experts back to the farms so we can fully support farmers like Kuya Norman develop his farm. Currently, we are planning to buy coffee seedlings so we can replant new coffee trees.

So thank you for backing our project and please continue to support us and share this to your networks so we can turn this vision into real life!

With much love,

Jena and the Muni team

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