How does cupping coffees work?

Just like wine tasting, the process of selecting and testing coffees are done through a cupping session. At Muni coffee, we import our coffee beans yearly and this means we would often do cupping sessions to select the finest coffees from the Philippines. The coffee roasters would roast about 200-300 gram samples of  green (raw) coffee beans from a particular origin. He would normally roast it lightly, which is the perfect roast for a cupping session. When the roasting is light, this allows for the taste to come out more prominently as compared to a darker roast. After roasting the samples, he would grind the beans suited for a cupping session and let it rest for a few days.

Steps during a cupping session

IMG_4592 IMG_4594

After this, boiling water is poured out onto each cup up until the brim, this allows the ground coffee to infuse. We would normally let it sit for a few minutes to cool down. This allows for the taste to come out even more. Once ready, we take a spoon and begin to break the crust (with privilege) by slowly pushing the top of the coffee outwards with a spoon, allowing the ground coffee to sink at the bottom, and slowly collect the remaining ones at the top. Leaving you a clean cup.


Now the SLUUURPING begins! Everyone at the cupping sessions takes a spoon and scoop from each coffee cup…YES in a cupping session you would normally do a SLUUUURPLING….sound and do it with much enthusiasm. Take your time testing each cup. The best way to describe the taste is think about smell and taste associations for example tasting a note of berry, wood, or fruit…

This is such a fun process! We hope you can join us the next time!


Jena and the Muni team



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