This month we launched our Kickstarter campaign . It was by far one of the most challenging, exciting, and nerve racking steps we had undergone during our pre-start up phase. At the moment we have all the major pieces needed to set up the coffee shop such as our branding design, website, our first coffee shipment, and our menu concept. However, we are still completing the funding we need to move into our first venue. Kickstarter videoshoot

We have found a creative way to raise more funds and that is through the largest online funding platform called Kickstarter. To us, for what it’s worth, it’s even more motivating to set up Muni Coffee Co. with the support of family, friends, and people who share our vision. We have been surprised, blessed, and encouraged by people we just came to know because of our Kickstarter campaign and we have to say that, this is one of the most rewarding thing to have during a fundraising campaign. Being able to launch our Kickstarter allowed us to really encapsulate and test our idea and having the world as an audience really challenges us to be even more excellent.

The point of bringing Muni Coffee to Kickstarter is so much more fundraising, it’s about creating a following and building a community who wants to be part of the vision of Muni Coffee. Creating our Kickstarted project also allowed us to also pitch our idea to a larger network and receive potential feedbacks from entrepreneurs that pushes us to improve and also gain confidence in what we do.


Currently, our campaign had been 33% funded and 67% more funding needed. There are times when our project goes slow, but we are pressing on because we still have 13 days and still so much more opportunities to have people on board. We are really excited for open doors like new collaborative opportunities with other coffee entrepreneurs as a result of the campaign. Whether we complete our funding goal or not (and we claim we will!), the gains we will receive are lessons learned, a refinement of skills and vision, and a push to further excellence, but beyond that it’s the new people we have met, the community that was built that supported our campaign and the tried and tested concept that is still on it’s way for a real launch this year! In all that, we are truly grateful and we are continuing to press on! 🙂

Please check out our Kickstarter campaign  and share it to your friends, thank you!



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