To those who have backed our Kickstarter, you are our champion!

Here are 4 reasons why you should back our Kickstarter campaign:



When you support our Kickstarter, the amount you pledge means that you also promote a new coffee origin-Philippine coffeee! At Muni Coffee Co. we are about promoting Philippine specialty coffee and we are on the mission of being part of the development of coffee farms in the Philippines. Your support does not only positively impacts us, but you also choose to promote the coffee farmers we represent. Yes, you are pioneering a new coffee origin. How exciting to be part of it from the start!



A portion of the funds we raised will go to the farms in the Philippines. The fund will go into buying farming equipments, planting new coffee seedlings, and conducting research to support coffee farmers improve their farming methods, improve their livelihood, and yield more and high quality coffees. We know the farmers personally and we can’t wait for you to get to know them!

3. Realise our vision

Smooth ride with Julian and Kuya Norman at the back of a pick up. Kuya Norman shows us his farm.
Smooth ride with Julian and Kuya Norman at the back of a pick up. Kuya Norman shows us his farm.

While our focus is on retail, our underlying vision is to contribute back to the development of Philippine coffee as a specialty coffee producer. We aim to do this by connecting the UK coffee sector to our trusted partners in the Philippines, so we can create a knowledge exchange and channel back funds. When you help us build Muni Coffee Co. you are helping us fuel that vision and turn it into reality. When you back our Kickstarter campaign, whether you are in London or from another country, you make a positive impact and you are promoting our coffee origins to the world! 

4. Enjoy Coffee that inspires


When we raise the funds from Kickstarter, we are able to finally move into our first coffee shop. When you back our Kickstarter you make it possible for us at Muni Coffee Co. to open our first coffee shop and finally serve the coffees we are promoting. At Muni Coffee shop you will not only enjoy excellent coffees, but we serve to get people inspired by the stories of our coffees from seed to  cup! Now that’s what makes it even more delicious and worth it!

As you know our coffee shop will be in London, but don’t be sad we’ll have an online shop so we can try our coffee wherever you are. Our vision in the next 5 years is to bring Muni to other key cities so we can share the Muni Coffee experience across the world.


So please be part of this adventure and help us make this happen, we need you support. Every pledge donation is a step close to our launch. So please back our Kickstarter project today! Click HERE to go to our campaign.


Our Kickstarter Campaign

We brought Muni Coffee Co. to Kickstarter to raise more funds so we can finally open our first coffee shop. This enabled us to build our coffee shop through the support of family, friends, and other networks and in return giving back to those who would support us a piece of our project like our Muni coffee blends, artwork print on shirts, and so much more! It’s truly a community effort and so we invite everyone to join us make it possible! Thank you so much!

OUR KICKSTARTER ENDS ON: 23rd of September 5:49 am BST

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