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 We directly source our coffee from farmers and we take our time to get to know their communities. Muni Coffee Co. operates on the highest standards of ethical and sustainable trading. 

Coffee from Torre Farm

Torre farm in Benguet is located in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines. This farm is a 30 hectare high land at 1,600 above sea level where high quality Arabicas are grown together with tomatoes, lemon, broccoli, potatoes, flowers, and other crops. This beautiful farm is owned by a tribe of Igorots, one of Philippines’ indigenous people.

Norman is one of the elders of the tribe at only 33 years old. A few decades ago, gold was found in the back of the Torre mountain and a mining company bought a large piece of their land for a small amount of money from Norman’s grandfather. As a young man and in order to provide for his family, Norman started as one of the over 5,000 workers underground. 

He was the one who encouraged his family to get back in to coffee farming after many years from mining. Norman, together with the other young men from his family, shares a dream to completely transform the piece of land into an ecotourism site where people they can teach people about the value of coffee farming.

Is it the gold in the mountain that makes their coffee so special? Or is it the combination of extremely fruitful soil, just the right sun exposure and Kuya Norman’s dedication to excellent farming? Whichever it is, Torre coffee truly stands out – and they are as excited as we are that their coffee will soon be available at Muni Coffee Shop!


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